Post-Launch Roundup & Future Plans

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Hello survivors!

With ASA having been around for some time now, we’ve had the opportunity to assess the overall game experience and its impact on the servers. After an initial bumpy ride, we are now in a better place to announce our future plans to both our PVP and PVE community. We would like to thank everyone for your patience while the game was extremely unstable at launch. Wildcard have since released multiple patches that have significantly improved server stability.

ASA General Plans

We’re aiming to host a full cluster for both PVP and PVE, and we will need your support to achieve this. ARK Survival Ascended requires a significant amount of resources, which limits how many game servers we can run on each machine. To continue to offer a complete gaming experience, we will need to purchase a number of additional servers. Without this support, we may be limited with what we can offer through our own funding.

In tandem with these expansion plans, we are excited to announce that we will launch the ASA online store on December 1st, in the evening (UK). To mark this occasion, you will be able to enjoy a 10% launch discount for the first week! Additionally, those who have subscribed on ARK SE and purchased Astral Imperium packages over the last year will get an extra 10% discount! During its launch phase, the online store will feature a limited selection of packages. These packages come with a number of perks, including random perfect-tamed dinos and exclusive Chibis! We intend to expand the online store soon, but for now, we wanted to give those who were keen to support us a chance to contribute to the new hardware while getting perks for it.

Finally, we’ve recently introduced gift cards to our online store. If you want to treat your friends or family with some Astral goodies, now’s your chance, just in time for the festive season!

Visit our online store here.

PVP Cluster Plans

Updated: After taking on board player feedback, we will not be moving the PVP server to a planned seasonal model. Instead, we will continue to operate things as they are and should there come a time where player activity or financial support becomes an issue, we will provide notice to the community. At this point, if things do not improve we will look to wipe to provide a fresh start. Since we will not have regular planned wipes, we are also discussing the possibility of periodically increasing wild dino levels by 30 level increments, similar to the PVE cluster. The aim here is to help returning players to compete with other tribes who have extremely strong well bred creatures, which was the main feedback we recieved in ARKSE PVP.

PVE Cluster Plans

Building rules have been clearly laid out on our info page and apply to both new and existing bases. While we don’t expect immediate change, we would like everyone to start aligning their current builds with the rules. Additionally, we will increase wild dino damage in order to pose a more realistic threat and challenge to players. We also plan to periodically increase wild dino levels by 30 level increments to keep breeding and taming new and exciting. We have not yet finalised the frequency for these increments, but they may be timed with new map releases.


We will hold an initial clean-up session with the new decay system in the morning of Sunday, December 3rd (UK). During this time, the servers will be unavailable until they’ve been cleared of all structures from inactive tribes. We will then re-open them and fully enable the new system. The default timer will be set to 10 days as default, increasing to 25 days for our highest supporter tiers.

See you in-game!