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PVE Cluster Info


Max wild dino level: 150

Offline Raid Protection: Enabled

Server restarts: Daily

Crossplay: Enabled


Experience: 1x

Resources: 2x

Taming: 2x

Breeding: 4x


Auto decay: 15 days
◦ Supporters: Up to 30 days

Platform structures: 2x


Max players in tribe: 10

Alliances: Enabled
◦ 5 alliances per tribe
◦ 10 tribes per alliance


Max tribe tames: 200

Cluster Rules

Rules are subject to change. It is the player’s responsibility to check them regularly and to understand and follow them at all times.

We do not tolerate racism, abuse, discrimination or any form of hate.

All members of our community should be treating each other and the staff with respect, no matter what happens on the servers. Remember it’s only a game, everyone wants to have fun when playing, so don’t take frustrations out on others.

All information received will be weighed up equally when making decisions about player actions and behaviour so long as it concerns our community. Players interacting with the community and its members should behave in a respectful manner, no matter where they do it.

Do not build in unintended areas such as, but not limited to, within the mesh. If an area looks like it is not meant to be built in, ask the moderation team first before setting up your base.

Players should choose unique names for their characters and tribes and not impersonate others. “123”, generic names and names containing unreadable characters such as ☐ are not allowed, as well as changing tribe name to conceal your identity.

Tribes should have the same members and name across all maps to be easily identifiable by the rest of the community. Players are responsible for who they invite in their tribe and alliances. Make sure you fully trust someone before giving them access to something you do not want to lose.

Alt accounts are not allowed.

This includes player spawn points, obelisks, terminals, mission dispatchers, wild creatures nests areas, surface entrances on Aberration, underground entrances on Valguero and tunnels/vents on Genesis 2 among others.

Do not build in artifact caves and areas, or prevent access to loot crates, explorer notes, runes and glitches.

Do not prevent access to water areas that are connected to the sea and deep enough for a raft, and do not block pathways, including Underworld access paths, alcoves and side routes on The Center.

Do not build around resource-rich caves and areas.

Collectors (sap taps, oil nodes etc.) should stay unlocked. Charge nodes should be freely accessible.

If a no-build zone exists, do not try to find a way around it as your structures will be removed without warning.

Build locations include anything that is placed in the world, such as bases, outposts, taming traps or spikes etc.

Players shouldn’t spam areas on a map for the sole purpose of claiming land and preventing others to build. Spam isn’t allowed as a build location.

Each tribe can build one land base, one water pen and one outpost per map.

Water pens:

  • A water pen connected to a base may count as both the land base and water pen, depending on their size.
  • A water pen that is standalone and not connected to the main base should be sensible in size and location.


  • An outpost should have 25 structures minimum.
  • Its size should not exceed 5×5, and be of sensible height.

Tree platforms:

  • One tree platform per tribe is acceptable so long as its purpose is solely to access sap taps.
  • If any other structures are present, the platform will either count as your land base or outpost, depending on what is built.

Make sure to stay within the limits at all times, otherwise your structures might get deleted without warning. We may ask players to make adjustments or potentially relocate in certain circumstances.

Players shouldn’t use game mechanics to purposefully antagonise others. This includes kiting wild dinos to bases and tames in progress or stealing from other tribes, for example loot from drops and OSDs.

Players shouldn’t leave tames outside of their base, as this might impact other players’ gameplay.

PVE and PVP players are free to interact and communicate with one another but should not involve themselves in each other’s cluster issues. This includes game mode-specific drama brought up on Discord or other means.


  • Examples are given for context but do not cover all possible scenarios for each rule. If you are unsure whether something is allowed or not, please raise a ticket with us.
  • We reserve the right to intervene in any situation where we feel things have gotten out of hand.

Cluster Features

Discord/In-Game Verification

Verifying your account will allow you to unlock perks in-game and on Discord, such as receiving shop points or accessing additional channels.

1 – Join our Discord server and get the ARK SA role
2 – Click the “Link your account” button in #pve-info
3 – The bot will reply with a code to use in-game
4 – In chat in-game, type the command and code
5 – You have now verified your account!

Anti-Griefing Measures

To give our players some peace of mind, we have implemented some anti-griefing measures on our servers.

Players cannot mate their own dinos with another tribe’s, open someone else’s bags and dead bodies, grab other players or drag their bodies around. This is still possible with your allies.

Structures that are unlocked or pincoded can still be accessed as normal.

Solo Farm (Trial)

Tribes can farm more efficiently with our Solo Farm system!

Simply type /farm in chat while looking at an eligible dino, and it will start auto-attacking when picked up.

Eligible dinos: Anky, Beaver, Doedicurus, Thorny Dragon.