August Roundup

Hello, survivors!

Here is our latest summary of the changes that took place on Astral ARK over the last few weeks. From enhancements to a fun in-game competition, we have some things to cover!

New Community Role

We are excited to announce the creation of a brand-new role that celebrates the positivity and support within the Astral Imperium community! This special role is all about highlighting those amazing individuals who go the extra mile to spread good vibes, lend a helping hand, and make our community a lively and engaging space for everyone.

Our very first Astral Enthusiast is Vanviss2.0! Vanviss joined Astral ARK in May and has since then been an active member of the community, always engaging and welcoming new members on Discord and answering questions wherever possible! Vanviss is a beacon of positivity, and we are glad to have her on board!

Revamped Weekly Boosts

Our weekly boosts were due an overhaul to help streamline and automate them, ahead of the release of ARK Survival Ascended. Below is a summary of the changes:

  • Our weekly boosts are now displayed as events on Discord! This makes tracking easier, and a quick look at the “Current Weekly Boost” channel tells you straight away which boost is active.
  • Weekly boosts are now fully automated to reduce admin work and ensure they run seamlessly.
  • They no longer need server restarts to take effect, and they get dynamically activates at around midnight (UK time).
  • With this new automated system, Loot Boost is no longer supported, so we have created a new fun event that we think you will love…

Introducing… Colour Splash!

Colour Splash is our brand-new event, where wild dinos have a chance to spawn with event colours from a random colour set! Available colour sets are: Love Evolved, Eggcellent Adventure, 7th Anniversary, Summer Bash, PAX, Fear Evolved, Turkey Trial and Winter Wonderland. The colour set is chosen at random by the system.

To ensure wild dinos spawn with new colours as soon as possible, we changed the wild dino wipe schedule to Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Colour Splash Competition & Winner

Our first Colour Splash boost took place between August 7th – August 13th. To celebrate it, we have run an in-game competition for players to showcase their best event-coloured dino and have a chance to unlock some of our Diamond supporter perks for a whole month. A big shoutout to everyone who jumped in on the fun! The colours were really amazing, and some submissions made us laugh a lot!

Alas, there could only be one victor… And Vi won the competition! Congratulations, Vi!

Their screenshot nailed the Eggcellent Adventure vibes with its great scenery and amazing colours!

Daily Restarts Change

We have adjusted the daily restarts time from midnight to 6 am (UK time). Additionally, Genesis 2 now gets its extra restart at around 4 PM. This change aims to reduce gameplay disruption during busy hours, and to help reduce downtime in case of server reboot issues.

Weekly boosts are not affected by this change as they are not tied to server restarts. They will start at the usual time.

We hope you found this roundup useful!