March Roundup

Published: Category:Announcements , ARK: SAWritten by:Norlinri

Welcome to a new monthly roundup! Things have been relatively quiet on ARK Survival Ascended in terms of new content so far this year, but we’re excited about the imminent launch of Scorched Earth! We’ve been working behind the scenes to ensure we’re ready to go when the new map drops.

Scorched Earth Release Prep

Preparations on our end are complete! The issue with server transfers is still happening currently, where players with empty inventories cannot transfer to a server with item restrictions. Fortunately, we do now have a workaround in place in case Wildcard doesn’t catch and fix this issue before Scorched Earth is released.

This is what we follow on our main clusters when a new map drops:

  • Characters can be transferred in and out
  • Items & dinos cannot be transferred in to the new map
  • Items & dinos can be transferred out to other maps
  • All other settings are identical to the rest of the cluster
  • All other maps continue to run alongside the new server
  • Points build up as you play, but the shop is initially closed
  • Some webstore purchases will only be redeemable on maps with full transfers (i.e. subscription chibi/dino)
    • This will be specified on their respective webstore page
Server Status Channels

We’ve introduced two new channels on Discord dedicated to displaying current server status for both PVE and PVP. They are visible to players who have linked their account. While still a work in progress, especially for rare crash cases, these channels aim to keep you informed about server availability in real-time.

PVE Cryopod Change

Cryopods were released in December, and after sufficient time for review and gathering feedback, we’ve made some adjustments to the cryo settings on the PVE cluster. We’ve now disabled the cryofridge requirement to uncryo creatures on the PVE cluster.

Dino Stats Display Feature

This month, we’ve introduced a new dino renaming feature across all servers! Now, when taming or claiming a dino, its name will automatically reflect its stats. This handy feature makes it easier for players to decide which dinos are worth keeping.

PVE – ISL#1 and ISL#2 Assignment System

We’ve implemented a system to assign our PVE players to either ISL#1 or ISL#2, aligning with our expectations that you should only choose one. If you find yourself stuck on the wrong map, please open a ticket with us on Discord.

Webstore Makeover

We’ve revamped our online webstore, now featuring separate categories for PVE and PVP. This change was made ahead of the introduction of monthly donation goals. These goals, distinct for our PVE and PVP clusters, will allow our community to unlock server-wide boosts while having better visibility over our progress for the month.

Weekend and Full-Week Boosts

Starting from March 16th, we’ve introduced weekend boosts on ARK Survival Ascended! These boosts cycle through Baby Boom, Level Up, Taming Spree and The Harvest. We’ve also created new channels on Discord where boosts and their duration are posted each time they kick in. These channels are visible to players who have linked their account.

Additionally, from April, we will be introducing monthly donation goals on the webstore. Each month, we will set separate goals for our PVE and PVP clusters. These goals not only help cover the estimated running costs for each cluster, but also provide our community with better visibility on our progress and the ability to unlock server-wide boosts! As donations come in, the meters gradually fill up. If a goal is met, we will activate full-week boosts for the following month on that specific cluster. Further information will be available via the webstore when monthly goals are activated on April 1st.

Stay tuned for further updates and some exciting additions to the webstore soon! Thank you for your ongoing support!