April Roundup

Published: Category:Announcements , ARK: SAWritten by: Norlinri

Hey survivors! It’s that time of the month where we recap what happened recently, and what lies ahead on Astral ARK!

Scorched Earth Release

The new map released earlier this month, and we launched 3 servers for it: PVE, PVP ORP and PVP Small tribes.

PVE Donation Goal Reached

We hit our PVE monthly donation goal, unlocking extended server boosts! Starting tomorrow, and for the rest of May, the PVE community will enjoy week-long server boosts! We’re very grateful and would like to thank the community once again for your continued support.

PVP donations are currently at around 20%, which means weekend boosts are likely for May unless we hit 100% by month’s end. For more details on monthly donation goals, head over our webstore.

Shop Enhancements

Dino levels have been raised to 215, and we’ve added some community-requested items as well as all tameable creatures except for Giga, Carcha and Rhynio. You can look forward to the shop fully opening on Scorched Earth PVE and PVP ORP on Saturday, May 4th (UK) after the automated restart! Supporters will be able to claim their dino and chibi rewards on this map from this point as well.

Solo Farm Trial (PVP)

We enabled a Solo Farm system on our ORP and Small Tribes servers, allowing tribes of up to 3 members to farm more efficiently without additional assistance. It is still a trial currently as we’re keeping an eye on stability, but initial feedback has been positive! Eligible dinos for solo farming include Anky, Beaver, Doedicurus, and Thorny Dragon.

New Chat System

We’ve switched to a different cross-chat system, now offering the option to hide any chat tags with the command /disabletag (i.e. /disabletag Ascendant). Additionally, the info panels on Discord now allow you to display your current point balance and your ccc coordinates (when requested by the staff) if you’ve linked your account.

Server Auto-Updates

We’ve implemented an auto-update system across all servers to minimise downtime during major patch releases. The server status channels on Discord will indicate that the servers are restarting because an update was detected.

Dino Weight Change

Earlier this month, we increased tamed dino weight to 2x on PVE and PVP ORP to align with our increased harvest rate.

Astral Imperium Website Overhaul

We’re excited to announce that we have given our Astral Imperium website a makeover to improve user-friendliness and responsiveness! We are aware that the Astral ARK website also needs some TLC, and we’re working to implement similar changes on here too. Don’t hesitate to check out the main website and share your thoughts with us.

We hope you’re all enjoying the new map. Next stop: The Center!